5 Checks Experts Make after Every Marketo Login

06/07/2015 15:14


One of the first things that you need to examine before driving a vehicle is the overall condition of the wheel. The oil level or fuel gauge is another thing that you must also examine. It is now a habit of many individuals to ignore such routines, and go directly to riding their vehicles.

Regular assessments are carried out by those who already experienced having a flat tire or overheated engine. This is the difference between a professional and inexperienced car owner.

When making use of Marketo, it is also essential to apply some precautionary actions. Any unseen breech or problem in the system can result in severe effects that is why after every Marketo login, a quick check on the system is always done by experts.

There is a checklist that is used by every pro Marketo user following a Marketo login, and that will be explained below.

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See whether Marketo Munchkin tracking is working

Much like the headlights of the car, Marketo Munchkin, lets you to identify the things that are occurring. It will restrict the efficiency of Marketo. Keep in mind that triggers will not function when your Marketo Munchkin code isn't working , which in turn will lead to the failure of most campaigns. Collection of valuable analytics data won't be carried out if this problem persists.

Obviously, you should have a regular health check to make sure your Munchkin code hasn't been accidentally taken out of your website, but this isn't enough.

The headlights of your car may not have any damage, but to assume that it will work effectively would be unwise. You should turn them on to be sure.

Check if there is no problem with the CRM Sync

It is critical for each and every Marketo user to inspect the CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc) sync. Serious complications will happen in the event the sync continuously crash like campaigns not working correctly, data being overwritten and duplicate leads just to name a few.

Take a look at the campaign queue after Marketo login

The significance of Marketo campaign queue is comparable to the oil in a car. Serious troubles could take place because of it, but most users no longer check it since they erroneously think that issues will not arise because of it.

The campaign queue is the place to check to prevent your Marketo from getting overloaded. While checking the campaign queue, you need to check if there is a simultaneous operation of many triggers. Aside from triggers that are launching long after they should have, other issues that are hard to diagnose will also occur.

Check Notifications
In case there are any problems that you need to look into, that would be shown in the Notifications tab in Marketo.

Among other things, the notifications will let you know if the CRM sync or if a specific campaign failed. You can also subscribe to these alerts, which is sensible when you're new to Marketo.

The time zone of the user and the Marketo time zone must be synchronized

This check is for admins who utilize a variety of Marketo logins or have several Marketo instances. It's just like adjusting the seat and also the mirrors; you should do it when you're using someone else's vehicle, or the very first time you drive yours.

The reason why I listed this is simply because it always gets me. It will be a mistake to ignore on this check since you will be taking a look at the incorrect time zone, which causes you to end up imaging issues.

You have to ensure that your personal time zone AND your instance time zone is accurate.

After your next Marketo login, make sure you utilize this guideline. It will avoid many potential problems and save a lot of problems. Don't hesitate to call us in case there are other crucial checks that we failed to add here.

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