Advantages and Drawbacks of Free Marketo Training Resources

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If you are searching for Marketo training but have only limited budget, don't worry. There are several free resources available that you could make use of it. The Marketo Community is one place to start your training where you can find lots of expert articles with useful product tips. Also there are actually good third party resources available and we will reveal a few of them in the post.

Marketo Community - University

The Marketo community is a good free resource for Marketo training. There are several on-demand video courses accessible under the 'University' section. These video lessons mainly cover about product knowledge but you can also find few videos that teach regarding the best-practice digital marketing.

The videos are somewhat dry as well as don’t have any quizzes, however, you can track how well you are progressing through them by using the ‘My Learning’ tab.

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Marketo Community - Help Articles

A number of image and text articles are there in the 'Help Articles' tab of the Marketo Community. These are generally basic ‘how-to’ tutorials for all the core features of the product. Just visit this section, if you are looking to re-learn about specific product functionality.

However, this is definitely not the place for complete beginners plus you might end-up becoming disappointed, if you expect these articles will teach you regarding best practice digital campaigns.

Marketo Community - Resources

The resources section of Marketo Community features a huge collection of great training videos. Only after doing some search in search tab, the 'Resources' tab gets visible to access it. To see the entire Marketo training videos, first you must do searching for the term 'Summit' in the community and then select the 'Resources' tab. A search for 'training' in the community will yield the exact same results.

Other than product knowledge, some videos cover few topics on marketing as well.

Private Sites/Blogs

You can find several private blog sites that provide valuable information and tips about Marketo. Though you can't find any videos, quite a few articles there give a great insight on Marketo and digital campaigns. However it is definitely well worth for every user to check out these web logs. There are several blogs on Marketo however the following two are excellent ones.

Josh Hill's "Marketing Rockstar Guides" blog site has lots of articles on Marketo and it is a must visit website.

The second best blog is Edward Unthank Blog by Edward Unthank where you can find some in-depth articles on Marketo's features.

SlideShare - Marketo

The Slideshare page of Marketo has got quite a few presentations on Marketo training. You can check this web page if you like to learn through slides. But this won't be ideal place if you are searching for a complete Marketo product training.

User groups

Marketo User group is another place to have free training. Normally, they host presentations that could be useful for training your team. To attend these events, you have to register at your local user group. Simply click here to sign up.

Marketo Customer Success Workshops

Marketo quite often runs customer success workshops that you can attend for free. This workshop happens occasionally, so you need to be in constant touch with your account manager or local team to find out its schedules. Or you can request them to inform you whenever they plan to run these workshops.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of free Marketo training resources available, once you know where to look. Sadly, all these trainings aren't focused on real digital campaign build; they simply cover basic product knowledge.

Unless your employees are already expert in digital marketing, you will require training programs personalized to the skill-level of your team that enable them to learn best-practices in Marketo and digital marketing on the whole.

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