Leadership Coaching: Power In The Quiet Of Introvert Leadership

20/07/2015 12:22

Enterprise culture will be geared toward the go-getter, the team player, the networker, the entrepreneur and also the leader. It's really down to power, getting forward, cutthroat competitors, deals and also leverage. It is, isn't it? Upon the surface, this kind of sounds like an automatic recipe for fulfillment for the outgoing, and devastation for the introvert. But as you'll soon examine, introverts can score well in this lifestyle, by making the most of their unique features.

Since the early part of the Last century - along with the rise of corporations - extroversion has been favored more than introversion as a way of working.

Think about most job postings and resumes and the buzzwords a person hear equally from the career seeker's and the employer's perspectives: "work nicely with others; energetic; driven; team player; exhibits initiative; powerful leader; adds ideas; outgoing and friendly; sales-driven... "

Although these are amazing traits, they are extrovert qualities and they are not necessarily the only traits that are important in business.

The an opposing side of the coin is simply as important - a strong perform ethic and also traits in which ultimately lead to measurable final results: "Conscientious; follows via; independent self-starter; self-motivated; continual; focus on customer relations; dependable; curious; autonomous, self-directed, innovative, problem-solver, independent thinker... "

Introverted folks have been perceived in a very unfavorable light in the business culture mostly due to the fact of a false connection of introversion with shyness. Even the dictionary meanings portray introverts since somehow socially flawed or even inept. Introversion is perceived as any personality disorder: "Marked by interest in or preoccupation with oneself or perhaps one's own feelings as opposed to others or the environment; shy or even reserved." Definitions such as these are created from the stage of view of the outrageous, who sees the introvert's tendencies as negatives; some thing akin to stating that introverts are self-absorbed, self-centered interpersonal outcasts who don't care about anyone else, have no people skills and should not possibly reach your goals in anything except maybe container weaving (that's if they'd like to market their particular baskets). It is a very one-sided prejudice, but a very pervasive one.

As more and more attention is being compensated to introversion, thanks to Susan Cain and also her book, "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a Globe That Can't Stop Chatting," the world is slowly becoming aware of introvert value and, what's much better, willing to make some adjustments to cater to introverts and identify our capability to make valuable contributions. For instance, Steelcase, an international organization providing "office furnishing solutions,Inch has developed a special "Susan Cain room": a soundproofed room to which an employee can retreat regarding respite from the stimulation overload of a lively office.

Introverted people have been perceived in a very negative light in the business culture mostly because of a false association of introversion with shyness. Click here to know more about the power of introverts.



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