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Marketing automation software has the ability to revolutionize the way business work, but before picking one, you must analyze the features, integration capabilities and ecosystem of each of the big players in the market. Comparing the market places of all the major software is the best way to gauge these 3 parameters.

On this page, we provide you a quick overview of all the major player’s market places in comparison to Marketo Launchpoint.

Marketo Launchpoint

Marketo Lauchpoint was introduced in November 2012 and since then its presence continues to grow very rapidly. Within this short time, it has service partners of more than 30. Their number of application partners is 200+ now. However in the integration marketplace, Marketo has only 12 'Marketo Integrated' products.

Marketo does have its dedicated website ( for developers and in addition offers an open API. Marketo provides various on-boarding and support solutions to users. With these features, expect Marketo Launchpoint to lead the automation software industry soon.

ExactTarget’s HubExchange

ExactTarget’s HubExchange is the latest addition to the automation marketplace. This program was launched in July 2013. It has got 79 applications which is significantly less than that of Marketo Launchpoint. Most of HubExchange apps are actually integrated with ExactTarget and comes with full functionality support.

HubExchange is not part of ExactTarget's partner network, the Orange Partner Network. Again, ExactTarget lags behind Marketo Launchpoint in solution partners also with just 9 listed. However, ExactTarget has got over 99 channel partners listed.

ExactTarget doesn't run any developer site for testing integrations. ExactTarget also includes an open API and lists in-depth API documentation. With ExactTarget’s purchase by Salesforce, it'll be interesting to see if ExactTarget can make use of Salesforce’s huge App Exchange.

Hubspot’s Marketplace

Introduced in July 2011, Marketplace is two years old. Marketplace has multitude of service partners (240+) and in addition it features 500+ templates designed and developed by 3rd party developers.

Hubspot’s Marketplace lags behind other programs with regards to 3rd party applications, although it might seem strange since they offer an open API and a dedicated developer site. The reason is, Hubspot doesn't promote API-only integrations but it recommends Marquee to their customers as a top grade and quality integration.

Eloqua’s Appcloud

The Eloqua's Appcloud launched back in July 2011 is now a two year-old online market place. In the marketplace, Eloqua presently has more number of applications (100+) when compared with Marketo Launchpoint.

However, developers wishing to create applications for the AppCloud after January 1st, 2014 need to become a member of Oracle Partner Network, so expect the rate of newly-built apps to decrease significantly.

Topliners is the Eloqua's community web-site dedicated mainly to developers. Eloqua lists 35+ partners (and that is a small number when compared with others) and their listing is actually separate from the Appcloud.

Pardot App Center

You can find totally 30 applications placed in the Pardot's App center. Further, it does not include a dedicated market place web-site.

Pardot includes an open API as well as a site for coders to connect with other platforms. In addition, its website lists 35+ partners, however this is substantially lower than that of Marketo Launchpoint.

Among the many contenders, Marketo Launchpoint has lots of features that the other programs were lacking plus it looks very apparent that Marketo emerges out as the top automation tool in the market place. Only Hubexchange comes close to the Marketo Launchpoint level. All of this shows the effectiveness of Marketo's partnerships, ecosystem and integration.

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