Pool champ Mars Callahan at it again

17/09/2015 14:18


Poolhall junkie is a movie that is famous for it's story as well as its cast. It's everything that an online poker fan wants. Mars Callahan has really raised the club through their outstanding performing in the film. Mars Callahan is an American actor, movie director, producer, and writer. He is possibly best known for your film Poolhall Lovers where he served as director, actor and screenwriter. He is an exceptional director who may have been in a for quite some time. Additionally, he has additionally accomplished any many fantastic titles enjoying pool as well which show that he is any multitalented guy. He's created a great deal of movies as well as starred in a few. Almost all of his movies are already a treat to look at.

A new movie starring Mars Callahan is being made which depicts his passion for poker. It also features a great forged including Vince Vaughan, Leif Garret, and Paul Johansson. Each one of these actors will be the legends of the film market and are meant to make this motion picture awesome. Additionally, the movie additionally features Christopher Walken, who funded Mars’ first directorial first appearance and also starred in it. The movie Poker Fans will also star Australian online poker legend Dude Hachem. This film has a fantastic cast and is also expected to deliver what it offers promised towards the fans.

Poker Junkies will be promoted with an online gaming web site in which members can play free of charge. They can enjoy triple enjoy, royal hold’em in addition to video poker. Players can play along with celebrities if they're lucky via virtual online poker. These celebrities also include the infamous World Series of Poker finisher Scott Lazar. Moreover, and also hardwearing . cool merchandises like java mugs, t-shirts, and hoodies, and so on. The movie is anticpated to be released soon, and it is anticipated to hit the jackpot using this wonderful forged. This truly is a masterpiece by Mars, and that we hope that he keeps making great films.




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