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31/07/2015 17:45


There are so many stuff that people want to do in life. However, the dedication that is related to them attempting to make such things happen is where a lot of people have problems. Being determined to do something is far different from doing it. This is just what makes Shailendra Singh stand above other Managing Directors within the Indian world of business. Some people notice great men like Shailendra and insinuate they were lucky or are blessed. However, the fact is that he failed to just awaken one early morning to be the IT wizard he could be seen to stay in most parts of the world.

There is so much he or she invested into his life and also schooling to get to this point. For instance, Shailendra Singh Sequoia Capital Managing Director position wasn't the first career he had. Indeed, he utilized to work at Bain &Co, that is a company positioned in New York. Also, before he or she even worked in this New York firm, this individual was a business owner in Silicon Valley. Most of these and more equal to make clear the kind of attitude and the enthusiasm he had to really make the best out of his life, and it has paid off these days.

Apart from Shailendra Singh Sequoia career or affiliation, is a Kauffman Many other and has experienced the passion regarding Information Technology as well as business. For this reason he endeared to realize his Masters in Business from your Harvard Company School. A primary reason he is well-liked today is a result of this accreditation. Harvard Business School is respected all over the world to bring out there some of the best business men and women. This came in handy when he required to make their life better. So, along with his MBA and B. Technical in IT; he's been on leading.

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