The Cinematic Work of Mars Callahan

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Master of all Mars Callahan 43 years of age is surely an actor, author, and movie director. The man at the rear of Poolhall Junkies, with multiple invitee appearances on several TV shows and proving his / her acting talent on TV, he moved to abigger screen and said to fame various movies. After many years of working in small roles on larger screen, Callahan tried his good fortune in writing and directing. For starters of his / her screen performances,
• Clifford
• Double Down
• Poolhall Fans
• What Love Is
• Spring Break ’83

Mars Callahan came across some significant health issue, that resulted in losing his kidney that created him stuck in awheelchair for a long time. Breathing in among life and death, which is a situation no one would want to encounter but this produced him more robust and inspired to do something along with integrity and honor with passion. Dads and moms of disease and determined by a wheelchair with so much of free time,hechose to write. As a human evolves with every passing day, the expertise of everyday life delivers an insight and helps you come up with another perspective. As a pool person himself, from his early childhood, his love for texas holdem made him or her write the particular script associated with Poolhall Junkies. As being a successful pool player Mars Callahan made an attempt from writing and directing the movie for which the inspiration comes from their own life.

He stole the particular show along with his charismatic character and the participant attitude. Mars Callahan as a solid acting professional growing wonderfully with more associated with his perform. As an actor, he has the dedication beyond skill and as a movie director; he has set up a stage for his / her team in order to evolving as well as perform as is also. Mars Callahan proved the actual maturity regarding his acting with the determination of not being therefore cool. The person who has my way through his head, it takes here we are at Callahan to do their preparation however, if he is completed with his research, nobody can easily match his pace.




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